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T.K. Kang
Aug 28, 2023
In Share your tribute
My first correspondence with Terry was in 2015. The last message I received from him was July 25, 2023. Over the years we had countless whatsapps messages under the group (dLEAP) which was later, only me and Terry. The thousands of messages we had are in the log till today. Terry was passionate about his work to help kids who do not access to technology for learning. His expertise in telecommunication and desire to develop offline resources via wireless access led him to finish his last project - a Digital Library device running on the cheap TVbox hardware. He sent me one with clear instructions on how to use it. Through Terry I have a better insight on how he solve problems as an engineer and how to get things right by working on ideas to make it a reality. We met ony twice - once in HK and recently 2 years back in Melbourne together with his wife Margaret. My condolescence for such a lost to the family. He will be remembered for the countless people he touched directly or indirectly for many many more years to come. At best I hope to continue his work as much as I can. Terima Kaseh and RIP as you are now in a better world after trying to make our world better for many many years.

T.K. Kang

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