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Stephen Dalton
Aug 25, 2023
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So sad to hear about dear Terry. I worked with Terry a bit at Suncorp Group ( he ran the R&D lab, and during this time he came along to ( Brisbane in 2011 which I was volunteering at. I believe this is where he caught the open source community bug! After he left Suncorp, he went on to work on projects like One Laptop Per Child ( I worked with a little) and Village Telco where he was very patient and helped me with all my little hardware issues. He was supportive of me setting up the Gold Coast Te( and once came along to one of my Barcamp events - he arrived with boxes of OLPCs which we reconditioned at our Kidhack events. Terry was an amazing guy, a real giver, he always had time for you and would help anyone out if they showed a bit of initial initiative. I also really liked his plain speaking and direct approach to things, he recently he helped a friend of mine he didn't even know out with a charity project and wasn't scared to call out some poor design and get them on a better track. He was an inspiration to me and I know that his atitude to life lives on in many others.
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